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Sugar daddy websites are dating sites designed for people who are seeking mutually beneficial relationships. Typical sugar daddies\mommas are middle-aged, financially and mentally stable, either single, married, separated or divorced, looking for quality companionship or friends with benefits. Sugar babies are attractive and young, both male and female, looking for financial aids or mentorship. If this describes what you want, listed below are the top 5 best sugar daddy websites for you.

Note: It's better to go to the detailed review page to know both advantages and disadvantages of each sugar daddy dating site before you join.

#1 Sugar Daddy Meet


SugarDaddyMeet limits its membership to straight male sugar daddies and female sugar babies from the top 20 richest countries only. This site has advanced search functions, comprehensive scammer-detecting system, easy-to-use mobile apps, and offers the best customer service in this industry. You can verify photo to prove you are real or verify income to prove you are rich. Premium membership sells at $50 per month for both sugar daddies and sugar babies, but you can cancel and ask for a full or prorated refund within a reasonable time frame if you don't like it.

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  • Best Value For Money
  • Over 1 million active members online
  • Young, beautiful ladies who can meet any demands
  • No fake accounts, a good verification process
  • Advance search algorithm of choosing your Sugar Babe
  • A special service of First Date Gift to attract the attention of the lady you like

#2 Seeking(Seeking Arrangement)

Top Rated

SeekingArrangement has over 10 million sugar daddies\mommas and sugar babies from all over the world. The site is well-designed, easy-to-use, and it is totally free for college students. For non-student sugar babies, the monthly membership fee is $20, which is quite affordable. For sugar daddies\mommas, the monthly membership fee is $90. No refund. The website is mobile-friendly, and they also have a mobile app for Android users, which is good to get connected on the go..

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  • World's Largest Sugar Daddy Website
  • Free of charge registration
  • A wide range of female profiles
  • You set up your search with additional settings
  • The interaction is clear, and the result is honest
  • Full information in profiles

#3 Whats Your Price


The idea behind the development of WhatsYourPrice is something that makes it stand out from the crowd. The site was introduced to the world in 2010 and within 7 years, it has transformed the way dating is perceived. This is a feature packed website and above all free to register with. The concept that drives this one-of-a-kind website has helped it earn a place in leading journals such as Forbes.

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  • Men Bid to Win A Date with Attractive Women
  • Thousands of members join the site daily
  • WhatsYourPrice is among the top dating sites in the world
  • Offices around the world
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Verified accounts

#4 Sugar Daddie


SugarDaddie.comis a web-based dating website for effective men who can give ladies monetary security and certainty. In the interim, the site gives men alluring, single, young ladies. This dating site is tied in with attaching quality connections, and the best part is the manner by which they have a demonstrated reputation of over 10 years in the business. Not just has this site been fruitful at conveying that, their way to deal with business has extraordinary standards that expands the odds of effective connections.

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  • Browse photos & Hot list
  • Search the members' listings for prospects
  • Receive Incoming e-mails and respond to those (only)
  • Feedback area for suggestions or concerns
  • Dating Forums and Dating tips & A toll free help phone number
  • Members' partial profile info & My matches area

#5 Sugar Daddy For Me


Sugar Daddy For Me/ Every society experiences change at one point in time and our current cultural set up is that technology is our comfort zone. With busy schedules and limited places to meet people, websites have become potential places to meet new people. Website developers design these places with an aim to accommodate people looking for something different. is an example of an online dating site for a sugar daddy to meet a sugar baby..

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  • Weekly dating schedule
  • 3 Days Free Trial
  • No photos upload restrictions.
  • You can send gifts
  • More than half of members are getting financial help, while others are achieving the purpose of joining other than the money
  • Free profile browsing. You don’t need to be a member to browse member’s profiles.

#6 Ashely Madison


Ashley Madison is highly revered by individuals who need marital escape as it is free from judgment, which makes it perfect sugar dating site. Especially for male sugar babies to find their sugar momma. Members of this dating site are from various walks of life and have enjoyed their privacy within the confines. It’s kind of “oasis” in dating. While women have full access to all premium features for free, wealthy men have to pay to approach beautiful women.

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  • Where Generous Men Meet Attractive Women
  • High level of confidentiality, constant support
  • A wide range of communication and photo-editing tools
  • 17 years of experience in online dating
  • Available all around the world
  • Find a partner in the country of staying (in case of travelling)

#7 Miss Travel


MissTravel belongs to an entirely different class of websites that are based on the idea of mutual benefits. This is a very different site both in terms of design and features. Basically, it aims to attract generous men and women who seek an attractive companion while on the trip. This out of the box concept has helped MissTravel earn a place in leading media journals such as The Huffington Post and CNN.

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  • Find Someone to Fund Your Travel
  • Customer support working 24/7
  • High level of safety and anti-scam protection
  • High availability
  • Thousands of active female users
  • Full informative profiles

What's the Sugar Daddies?

Sugar Daddies - are rich and successful men, such as doctors, lawyers, busy professionals, financiers, benefactors and the like. Single or married, no time for games? Looking to support and pamper women who will treat you like a King? Are you interested in a discreet and mutually beneficial relationship? It's time to be a Sugar Daddy! Single sugar babies are looking for mature and successful men..

What's the Sugar Babies?

sugar babies

Sugar Babies - are young and attractive women. Beautiful, intelligent and classy college students, aspiring actresses or models. Struggling in the early part of your career? Want good living along with the finer things in life? Looking for a mature partner to pamper, mentor and take care of you - perhaps financially? You will make the perfect Sugar Baby!

What Your Sugar Daddy Wants From You

You don't need a million-dollar figure to attract rich, successful men, but you certainly need to show some of that X factor to get their attention. While you must look beautiful and have a good body, there are many other things too that are equally important. One of them is giving your sugar daddy what he wants. Most sugar daddies take good care of their babies, lavishing them with gifts and other things, but will not stick with someone who fails to give them good company in return.

If you are looking for a sugar daddy, you must have the following 5 qualities:

  • Be pretty and witty: There are thousands of beautiful women out there wanting a sugar daddy, but not all of them will bag one. In addition to looking pretty, you must also be witty and interesting. Otherwise, your sugar daddy will quickly lose interest in you.
  • Enjoy Sex: While a sugar daddy relationship is not all about sex, it is an important part of the relationship. Sugar daddies are looking for pretty, witty girls who enjoy sex and are not inhibited. Are you like that? If yes, you'll have much better chance on finding a great sugar daddy on the various sugar daddy sites on the Internet.
  • Not hungry for money: Sugar daddies are rich men, who take good care of their babies. However, sugar daddies don't like girls who are only after their money. While experts recommend that you discuss money matters beforehand, but once that is done, you should not again bring up this topic. Real sugar daddies are genuinely rich, sophisticated men who know how to keep a girl happy. If you hanker about money or presents, your sugar daddy will leave you before you could say "wait, I'm sorry".
  • Don't be a drama queen: A sugar daddy relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two adults. So, emotions should always be kept in check. Sugar daddies are looking for a relationship which is stress free and fun. Having a good time is their top priority, not being around someone who is an emotional freak.
  • Stay cautious: While there's no official figure on this, most experts believe for every genuine sugar daddy there is one fake sugar daddy, someone who's looking for a freebie. You must be smart enough to see who's genuine and who's not. Each time you search for a sugar daddy, ensure that the person has been verified and certified by that sugar daddy site.

Why Should You Use Website Instead of Social Media To Find A Sugar Daddy

Perhaps you're new to the whole sugar daddy sugar baby dynamic and are unsure of how to approach it. Yeah, you've probably turned to Google in hope that it'll give you the answers, but sometimes - it's all about using your intuition and gut feeling that'll help you in your quest.

SeekingArrangement vs Instagram

As it stands, younger women with sugar daddies, is not a new trend. In fact, sugar daddy websites having been blooming for quite some time now - with a high success rate. These sites have been created for the sole purpose of partnering young and financially unstable females with wealthy men who want to take care of them.

For that reason, it's advisable to stick to sugar daddy websites because they're the professionals. Social media is just not the correct platform to use for this kind of relationship - not only because of safety, but also the nature of the relationship. And here's why...

1. Keeping Your Personal Life... Personal

One of the main pros of social media is the ability for it to make things go viral and popular. If you wanted the world to know your business, using a social media platform would be just fine. But, given the nature of the sugar daddy relationship, it's better to keep your personal life more private and leave it to the professionals. They are much better equipped to help you find the perfect man with a massive amount of money and time to spend on you.

2. Online Safety

Given the power of social media, many people have taken on the role of a catfish. That is, when someone pretends to be someone or something they're not. It is easy for a man to pretend as though he is wealthy and looking for someone to spoil on Facebook or any other platform, but what makes a sugar daddy website stand out - is the verification process. When joining those kinds of websites, you are asked to verify your identity, which adds an extra layer of security for you.

3. Dating Specifics

As previously mentioned, sugar daddy websites have been created for only one purpose - to pair a wealthy man with a young and beautiful woman. Social media, while being one of the most influential inventions of the 21st century, is not a platform widely used solely for dating. If you're looking for a high success rate and an easier way in which to find Mr. Right (with the flashy bank account), stick to the websites and let the pros do the work for you.

Truthfully, save your social media presence for friends and family, sharing fabulous photos, and checking in to exotic and wonderful places - and leave the dating to a site that is dedicated to helping you find a man that'll spoil you to the ends of the Earth. Not only because it is safer and more private, but it is more successful.

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Top 5 Sugar Daddy Websites

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